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Richard Sather


Richard Sather

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Systems Architect, Operations Consultant & Trainer
for any type of teams within any field of work

I am certified by Asana to consult, train & onboard teams and organisations of various sizes in any field of work to use Asana to its full potential, leading to impactful results by streamlining & automating processes & workflows, implementing standard operating procedures and improving cross-functional collaboration.

As an Asana Forum Leader, being amongst the top 5 monthly contributors in the world, I've produced helpful articles with tips & tricks as well as provided solutions and answers to thousands of members.

Get your Asana up and running, effortlessly.

I won't just teach you and your team how to use Asana.
I will show you how to optimise your business processes.

Asana is very simple to use, but can be challenging to setup correctly and deploy across your organisation.


That's why you need an Asana partner by your side.

7 reasons for having me as your Asana Partner, by your side:

why you need a partner

Faster learning curve

One of the greatest challenges with Asana is where to start and how to best setup your existing workflows and projects.

Searching in the Asana Guide and Forum can be time consuming, whilst trialing and testing without reaching the optimum setup will lead to aborted work and the need to revise or rebuild your Asana.


Tailored holistic approach

I hear your needs and develop solutions with you to formalise your workflows, uniquely tailored to the way you work.

Based on your requirements, I design the most suitable architecture for your Asana workspace in order to bring you the results you seek, optimally tuned to work for you and your team.

Strategic onboarding

Changes are never easy, especially when there's pushback from some members. I will help you generate interest towards Asana within your company, along with targeted interactive training.

Following a strategic adoption plan, the roll-out is carried out in a timely manner to groups and departments so they can quickly see the benefits.


Increased successful adoption rate

The successful adoption of any new platform is secured by implementing the correct support and follow up measures.

I will provide you with the right tools and strategies, such as conventions & best practices, so that everyone feels more confident towards using Asana correctly.

Faster return on investment

By guiding you towards the successful adoption of Asana, we will achieve faster productivity, structured communication and better coordination between your teams.

By providing you with this value, you will reach your ROI faster.


Standby support

Do you require further training?

Ready to scale and expand your Asana?

Need to integrate other apps with your Asana?

Having issues with recent changes or figuring out new features?

I will be there for you in the future!

More value per seat



Take their word for it

I've had the pleasure to work with many wonderful people.
Here's what some of them had to say about working with me.

Michael Mavroleon

Founder & CEO

Michael Mavroleon

Richard has been a catalyst

Isak Krook

Project Manager

Isak Krook

nothing short of exceptional

AJ Mihalic


AJ Mihalic

Richard saved me years

Helping everyday

As an Asana Forum Leader, being amongst the top 5 monthly contributors in the world, I've produced helpful articles with tips & tricks as well as provided solutions and answers to thousands of members.


Top 5 monthly contributor

+50k members helped


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"Wohooo! You’re a lifesaver Richard ... Thanks!"

"Every time I see a new post of yours I sit up a little straighter, pay close attention, and learn something. 🙂"

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Richard Sather

Ready to take the next step?

To learn more about how I can help you learn & implement Asana to improve your team's operations & processes or find out more about the training services I offer, please book a free introductory call with me.

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