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 📐 System Design

Package of services for teams & companies that don't have time or the capacity to be trained and instead want their Asana system built to order.
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Does this sound like you?

“We need to get Asana up and running fast”
“We don’t have time to go through the Asana guides and training videos”
“Our team doesn't have the capacity to learn how to setup Asana themselves”

Just like designing your dream home, I can design your dream Asana space, entirely from scratch.

If you don’t have the time it requires to create your own workflows in Asana, or to participate in my workshops and training sessions, you may instead prefer to hire me to professionally design and build your ideal Asana space for you.

What's included:

system builder
system training
system workshops

Support Service

Don't know where to start, spending too much time looking for answers in the Asana Forum or the Asana Guide? Don't have time to set up your Asana and can't risk getting it wrong? Leave it to the expert!

Instead of learning how to build your processes and workflows in Asana, leave the heavy lifting to me. By skipping the training and the tutorials, you can reduce the amount of time that your champions or core team members need to engage with me, as well as the time it will take them to actually build it, saving you time and budget.

This approach will also guarantee that the end result will be a fully functional system in Asana, tailored specifically to your needs. There's no blueprint, no templates, everything is built to order - for you.


Through a series of System Design Workshops, I will build prototypes for your review and testing with a small group before deploying and rolling out to the entire company or other teams. This path is also combined with a series of System Training sessions for everyone who will be using the system that I will design & build for you in Asana.

Online Workshop for Core Team & Champions

🚀 System Design Workshops

These series of workshops are part of the System Design package and are for you to brief me on what you need me to build for you in Asana, according to your needs and specifications. I will  then build a prototype for you to review, trial & test with your team prior to full deployment.

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For beginners or advanced

30, 60 or 90mins |  5 participants max.

Online Training for all members & Champions

🎓 System Training

These sessions are part of the System Design  package and are for everyone who will be using the system that I will design & build for you in Asana. The training will focus on using the system itself, skipping all the in's and out's of Asana and instead just focusing on best practices of how to use the system.

For beginners or advanced

3h - 6h |  20 participants max.

This training will also cover Asana's fundamentals and hierarchy, hands-on setting up your profile and notifications settings, best practices on using the Inbox & My tasks, how to create a 'good' task and understanding how to communicate, track and work in Asana.



Like what you see?

If this package is for you, let's kick off with a free discovery call

Extra add-ons:

Complement your System Design package with the following extra services & solutions:

Online Training for all members & Champions

🙋 Follow up / Q&A

This session typically occurs a few weeks after the roll out of Asana and is open to champions or all members to bring any questions, as well as, focusing on best practices for your workflows.

For beginners & advanced

90mins |  20 participants max.

Get a 10% discount on your 1st annual subscription to Asana
AJ Mihalic

AJ Mihalic


Richard saved me years

"Hiring Richard was one of the best decisions I ever made at Clean Media. Within a week I realized Richard saved me years of time trying to build and test the right system for our business.

In addition to being a perfect professional and genuinely nice person, Richard's experience and expertise makes it easy for him to ask the right questions, nudge you in the right direction, and build prototype setups quickly. 

We now have a robust set up that includes several project templates, custom rules projects we can apply across projects, and a place to build SOPs and training.

If you want to get the most out of Asana, I highly recommend working with Richard."


Online Call for Management & Core Team

📶 Free consultation on the right Asana plan and number of seats

If you are not sure which Asana plan is right for you, I offer a free 30-minute call where we can discuss your requirements, along with your budget and how many seats you will require. I can then sign you up for a free trial and as your 'Asana account manager' I can offer you up to a 10% discount on the cost of your first annual subscription.

30mins |  5 participants max.


Support Service

📊 Setup Dashboards in Projects, Portfolios & Reporting

Get the insight you need into your work in Asana. If you are struggling to surface your data and statistics with Dashboards, let me help by setting these up for you for multiple Projects or Portfolios or an overview of your entire Asana space with dashboards in Universal Reporting.

Reporting Dashboard.png

Support Service

⚡ Rules & Automations Setup

Are you finding Asana's 'Rules' feature overwhelming and not sure how to set them up? Or you understand how to use them but don't have time to build them all and make sure your Asana system runs smoothly? If so, you can leave the heavy lifting up to me.

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Support Service

📝 Form Builder

Asana's built-in Forms feature is one of my favourite and I absolutely love building forms with it. In case you don't, or you're facing any trouble, I can build your forms for you.

Whether you have existing forms as PDFs, Word docs or setup in other apps such as Wuffoo, Google Forms etc, I can recreate these in your Asana space for you.


Support Service

🔌 3rd-Party Integration Setup

Take your automations beyond Asana's native Rules feature as well as connect Asana to other apps within your tech stack to automatically sync tasks and data between them.


I can setup 3rd party apps for you or show you how to set them up for yourself, such as Flowsana, Zapier or Make to create rules and workflows beyond your imagination!



Looking for more?

If you are looking for a specific service or solution, have a look at my entire catalogue for what's on offer.

Find the right package for you

Explore the below packages based on your requirements and current needs to see which suits you best.

New to Asana?

For teams that are new to Asana and require help to get up and running fast.

For teams that are moving to Asana from another platform and need help with the transition.

Already using Asana?

For teams that are already using Asana but need an overall improvement.

For teams already using Asana but want to take it to the next level and expand their usage.

Short on time & resources?

For teams & companies that don't have time or the capacity to be trained and instead want their Asana system built to order.

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