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Take their word for it

I've had the pleasure to work with many wonderful people.
Here's what some of them had to say about working with me.

Richard Sather

Ready to join them?

To learn more about how I can help you learn & implement Asana to improve your team's operations & processes or find out more about the training services I offer, please book a free introductory call with me.



Memorable training

After every training session, I send out a form for participants to optionally fill out anonymously, so they can be completely honest and let me know how I did.

"I enjoyed the hands-on practice during the session"

Someone @

"I liked Richard, he was engaging and pedagogic, liked that he expected us to be active during the session"

Someone @

"I liked the interactive parts during the beginning first training as well as the overview of organizing "My Tasks". I wasn't aware I could build Rules into that feature, so that will help my flow! :) "

Someone @

"I enjoyed everything! You are a great trainer."

Someone @

"I really appreciated the clarity and depth of the Asana online training. The step-by-step instructions and practical examples were particularly helpful in understanding how to effectively use the platform. Additionally, the interactive elements and hands-on exercises made the learning process engaging and easy to follow"

Someone @

"Very clear"

Someone @

"Richard makes everything super clear and easy to understand. It can be hard to work with a big team specially when not everyone is super invested, but after this course I think everyone will be more interested and feel more confident to start using Asana to make our work easier."

Someone @

"I liked that Richard mixed in showing us features himself, as well as asking team members to share their screen and walk through exercises to increase familiarity"

Someone @

"I liked the interaction with the trainees and the realistic examples made on the spot."

Someone @

"Even as a champion I still learned a couple new things, like duplicating assignees."

Someone @

"You did a great job really going through all of the capabilities of Asana! There is so much information about Asana and this was a great way to get that information across."

Someone @

"great explanations and examples"

Someone @



Helping everyday

As an Asana Forum Leader, being amongst the top 5 monthly contributors in the world, I've produced helpful articles with tips & tricks as well as provided solutions and answers to thousands of members.

Below are some of the hundreds of replies I have received.

Τhese are what keep me going!

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