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Boost your team's productivity with the #1 AI Work Management platform 

Total clarity and accountability across your company

Know who is doing what, by when, across teams and departments

Promote ownership, responsibility and transparency

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Get a birds-eye view of the status of all your projects at a glance.

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Set, track and share your company KPIs & OKRs in one place.

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Manage all your team's capacity to avoid overload & burnout.


Automate your workflows and reduce any manual work.

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AI has joined the team to assist and speed up your tasks.

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Enable cross-team work and collaborate across projects.

Get organized

Plan and structure work in a way that’s best for you.

Set priorities and deadlines.

Share details and assign tasks.

All in one place.


Improved team efficiency


Reduction in meetings


Faster Production

By training you to use Asana,
I will help your team move faster

Stay connected.
Work from anywhere.

Struggling to setup your team with members that work from home?

Times have changed and more employees are opting to work more from home rather than in the office.


With Asana, you can ensure your teams are working and coordinating effectively.

Work Remotely
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Cut down on internal emails

Overloaded inbox? Fed up of spending hours archiving emails just to later forget where you put them?

I can show you how to reduce internal email within your team, or get rid of them entirely.

With Asana, all your threads, conversations, attachments and status updates are organised where your work actually happens, making them easily traceable, actionable and searchable.

Reduce Email

Say good-bye to progress meetings

Still waiting for that progress meeting to find out where things stand?
Needing to chase down team leaders for that status update email?

In Asana you can instantly view the progress of all your projects in one place and have team leaders post status updates on a daily, weekly or monthly basis without the need for constant progress meetings.

Report Progress

Convert your spreadsheets into actionable tasks

Still using Excel or Google Sheets to track your work? Tasks in spreadsheets aren't easily actionable or dynamically updated.
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Convert from Excel
asana excel
I can show you how to convert your existing spreadsheets into dynamic lists that can be shared across teams so everyone can see the bigger picture and collaborate better.

Excel and Google Sheets are great tools but they were not designed to track work. In Asana, work is organized into projects, which are easily scannable and connected with everyone involved, so you can see how each member's tasks relate to your overall objective.

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Work with all your favourite tools

Still need to keep your favourite apps and tools? I can help you set up workflows and integrations in Asana which will streamline the processes and exchange between your other tools.

Asana integrates with over 100 apps so you can bring all your emails, files, tickets and more into Asana, so you can see everything in one place.

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App Integrations
Mobile App
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Your work, on the go

Access your projects and tasks on the go with Asana's mobile app.

Asana is a web-based platform which can be easily accessed from any computer's web browser so there is no need for any complicated installations or set ups. And you can also use Asana on your smartphone using the mobile app so you can work on the go.

Stay on budget, track time & cost

Finding it hard keeping track of hours spent before the budget runs out?​
Filling out disconnected timesheets?
Manually generating reports?

I can show you how to use Asana's native time tracking features or integrate 3rd party apps like Everhour which seamlessly integrates with Asana, providing you insight on time & budget spent for each project or client.

Track Time & Cost

Faster, smarter, productive meetings

Listing your meeting agenda in an email or document remains as a static record. Well, what if it wasn't? By using Asana during your meetings, items on the agenda can be instantly actioned and assigned to team members.

A recurring meeting agenda can be easily compiled in Asana by bringing in tasks, issues or items to be discussed from various projects within your Asana. I can also show you how to set up your Asana for L10 meetings following the EOS methodology. Avoid the need for dedicated apps for your meetings because you can build them into your Asana and have all your meeting notes where your work happens.

Meeting Agendas

Streamline your work requests & tickets

Are your work request emails piling up?
Service requests not getting assigned to the right people or not being responded to in time?

I can show you how to create a standard process for incoming work using Asana's Forms which make it easy for anyone to request work or information from you and your team. And with setting up workflow rules, tasks can be automatically triaged to the right person with due dates so nothing falls through the cracks.

Forms & Automation

Goodbye post-its.
Hello Boards.

Still flooding your desk with post-it notes? Are you spending too much time manually moving cards around?

Personal to-do lists and post-it notes are great to jot down what you’re working on, but that doesn’t always mean this is visible to anyone else, nor that you have visibility into theirs.

I can train you to make the most out of Asana's board feature, designing customised workflows based around your processes.


In Asana, you can take notes in a task or store ideas in a project, so that everyone on your team stays informed and can reference it later.

Dynamic Boards

Convert annotations into actionable feedback

Feeling lost about how to mark up an image or a PDF document? Fed up of having to scan handwritten annotations and then emailing them?

I can show you how to use Asana's proofing tool to leave your comments and annotations, on files and images, more efficiently.

By using Asana's proofing tool, your annotations, mark ups, comments or feedback are instantly converted into actionable tasks that can be assigned to the correct team member.

Apart from being able to leave a detailed description elaborating on your feedback, a discussion thread can also be kicked off, all within the same task. No need for back-and-forth emails or chaotic threads of instant messages.

Proofing & Feedback

Plan ahead and avoid bottlenecks.

Not sure if your staff is over or under worked?
No way of knowing what the outlook is for next week?

I can show you how to easily shuffle tasks around to make sure your team members are equally balanced and the work can get done. In Asana you can instantly view your team's workload so you can plan ahead whilst making sure they won't be overloaded.

Manage Workload

By training you to use Asana,
I will help your team move faster

See it for yourself.
Get a free demo or trial.

Entirely free and no strings attached, this 30min session is for me to show you the features of an Asana tier which you are interested in signing up. We can discuss your requirements, what you are looking for Asana to replace that your current platform is lacking, so I can help decide which tier will provide you with the value you seek.

If you are interested in an Asana annual plan, I can sign you up for a free trial and as your 'Asana account manager', I could potentially offer you a discount on the cost of your first annual subscription, depending on the tier you purchase as well as the number of licences you will require for your members.


Find the right package for you

Explore the below packages based on your requirements and current needs to see which suits you best.

New to Asana?

For teams that are new to Asana and require help to get up and running fast.

For teams that are moving to Asana from another platform and need help with the transition.

Already using Asana?

For teams that are already using Asana but need an overall improvement.

For teams already using Asana but want to take it to the next level and expand their usage.

Get a 10% discount on your 1st annual subscription to Asana

Short on time & resources?

For teams & companies that don't have time or the capacity to be trained and instead want their Asana system built to order.

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