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🎈 Expand

Package of services for teams & companies that are already using Asana but are looking to take it to the next level and expand their usage.
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Does this sound like you?

“We are expanding fast and need help onboarding more people and setting up new Teams”
“We have been using Asana for a while but we are not using the tool to it's full extent”
“We need help setting up new processes, projects and portfolios”
“We need help with scaling our current processes, projects & workflows”

If you have been using Asana for a while, you may be at a point where you realise that you have outgrown the current way in which you originally set up your system. Perhaps tasks need to be upgraded to projects, and your current projects upgraded to Teams?

Or, you may be satisfied with your current setup but are looking to harness the power of some of Asana's more advanced features, adding automations such as Rules, using Portfolios and the Workload feature, adding intake Forms to streamline incoming work requests, or creating templates to reduce repetitive work and get your projects launched faster.

Let me help by advising you on the best approaches and providing solutions that are future-proof and fully scalable, enabling your Asana space to grow with you, without the growing pains.

What's included:


Online Call for Management & Core Team

📞 Free Asana Demo

Entirely free and no strings attached, this 30min session is for me to show you the features of an Asana tier which you are interested in signing up. We can discuss your requirements, what you are looking for Asana to replace that your current platform is lacking, so I can help decide which tier will provide you with the value you seek.

If you are interested in an Asana annual plan, I can sign you up for a free trial and as your 'Asana account manager', I could potentially offer you a discount on the cost of your first annual subscription, depending on the tier you purchase as well as the number of licences you will require for your members.

30mins |  3 participants max.

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Online Call for Management & Core Team

🔍 Asana Deep Audit 

Either a one-off session or a series of sessions, depending on the size of your Asana space, you or your core team will give me a tour of your current Asana for me to audit. We will deep dive into the current structure and processes that you have already setup and let me know what you feel is working and what is not.

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90mins |  5 participants max.

Online Call for Management, Core Team & Champions

🔮 Advanced Features Demo

These sessions are designed to introduce your champions to all the advanced features included in the Asana. These will inspire the champions for what they can achieve with Asana, so that during the workshops, they will be in a better position to make suggestions and proposals for designing their workflows and processes.

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3h (2x 1h30) |  10 participants max.


Online Training for Champions

🎓 Champions Training

Every successful onboarding will require a select group of members that we will refer to as 'Champions'. This training session is designed to inspire them and make sure they have all-round knowledge of Asana's features and best practices so they can support other members and drive the adoption of Asana throughout your company.


For beginners or advanced

3h (2x 90mins) |  10 participants max.


Online Workshop for Core Team & Champions

🚀 Workflow Design Workshops

Usually part of a series of workshops, these sessions could be either 30, 60 or 90mins each, where I will guide you to build your own projects, processes and workflows in Asana, along with showing you how to make the best use of Asana's features.

For beginners or advanced

30, 60 or 90mins |  5 participants max.

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Online Training for Management & Champions

💼 Management Training

Specifically designed for Team Leaders, Executives and Management level, this one-off session will empower you with all the features you need for tracking and reporting on your team or company's work, and providing you with visual dynamic dashboards so you can get the overall picture in one place.

The session will cover Asana's features such as the project Overview and Dashboard tabs, setting up Portfolios and their Dashboards, posting or requesting Status Updates on projects, making use of the Workload feature for reviewing capacity, Universal Reporting and using the Goals feature to set up your company's OKRs and KPIs.

For beginners or advanced

90mins |  10 participants max.

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Online Training for all members & Champions

🙋 Follow up / Q&A

This session typically occurs a few weeks after the roll out of Asana and is open to champions or all members to bring any questions, as well as, focusing on best practices for your workflows.

For beginners & advanced

90mins |  20 participants max.

Get a 10% discount on your 1st annual subscription to Asana


Like what you see?

If this package is for you, let's kick off with a free discovery call

Michael Mavroleon

Michael Mavroleon

Founder & CEO

Richard has been a catalyst

"Richard has been a catalyst in not only introducing A&M to the Asana world but also in implementing an almost custom-made software that tailors to the exact needs of our company. 

We have been using Asana for two years now. The way Richard has helped us set up our process and project pipeline has increased our efficiency and allowed our team to diligently follow time schedules while staying on top of all our tasks. 

Richard’s professionalism and sensitivity to processes were crucial aspects in helping A&M conquer Asana and make it part of our daily workflow."

Extra add-ons:

Complement your Expand package with the following extra services & solutions:

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Online Training for all members & Champions

🎓 Advanced Training

This three-part training session, 90mins each, is aimed at existing Asana users who want to take their skills to the next level and harness the power of Asana's advanced features, particularly available on the Business or Enterprise tiers.

Advanced training focuses on a deeper understanding of permission levels, privacy settings of Teams & Projects, management of notifications whilst also managing Custom Fields, in relation to advanced sorting & filtering options and saved view tabs and Dashboards.

The training also covers setting up and managing cross functional projects, creating scalable systems using Rules and multihoming, reviewing docs & images and providing feedback using Asana's Proofing tool, converting tasks to Approvals, Milestones, Subtasks, Task templates or into Projects either manually or using advanced Rules to also create tasks and subtasks.

You will also learn how to save time by launching projects faster by using Project Templates with dynamic dates and project roles, setting up dependencies with the Gantt view, whilst also building Rules and Task templates directly into them.

You may also tailor these sessions by choosing your own topics that you may want to explore such as using Status Updates and Portfolios, managing your team's capacity using the Workload feature, syncing tasks to your calendars, importing CSV to create project or custom fields, building intake forms, creating company knowledge bases (LMS or KMS), maintaining your Asana space clean by archiving old projects, working with external clients or vendors, and methods of sharing your projects, deliverables or Timelines and Gantt charts with them.


Anything that you can think of, I can help you and your team step up your game!

For beginners or advanced

4.5h (3x 1h30) |  20 participants max.


Support Service

⚡ Rules & Automations Setup

Are you finding Asana's 'Rules' feature overwhelming and not sure how to set them up? Or you understand how to use them but don't have time to build them all and make sure your Asana system runs smoothly? If so, you can leave the heavy lifting up to me.

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Support Service

📝 Form Builder

Asana's built-in Forms feature is one of my favourite and I absolutely love building forms with it. In case you don't, or you're facing any trouble, I can build your forms for you.

Whether you have existing forms as PDFs, Word docs or setup in other apps such as Wuffoo, Google Forms etc, I can recreate these in your Asana space for you.


Support Service

🔌 3rd-Party Integration Setup

Take your automations beyond Asana's native Rules feature as well as connect Asana to other apps within your tech stack to automatically sync tasks and data between them.


I can setup 3rd party apps for you or show you how to set them up for yourself, such as Flowsana, Zapier or Make to create rules and workflows beyond your imagination!



Looking for more?

If you are looking for a specific service or solution, have a look at my entire catalogue for what's on offer.

Find the right package for you

Explore the below packages based on your requirements and current needs to see which suits you best.

New to Asana?

For teams that are new to Asana and require help to get up and running fast.

For teams that are moving to Asana from another platform and need help with the transition.

Already using Asana?

For teams that are already using Asana but need an overall improvement.

For teams already using Asana but want to take it to the next level and expand their usage.

Short on time & resources?

For teams & companies that don't have time or the capacity to be trained and instead want their Asana system built to order.

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